Virtual Router Manager

Brief Introduction : Do you have super fast broadband connection at home and you want to share Internet from your Computer with your Laptops, Mobile Smartphone, tablets, media player, e-reader and even to the nearby friends then it may be worth inducting a virtual router manager application to your Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2.

Now, tell how many devices do you have at home? I have five Wi –Fi devices running at my home – my tablet, my smart phones, my laptop and my brothers gadgets (I Pad, IPod and Android Mobile Phones). Presently, I am using the Smartphone that have the ability to connect Internet without a Wi-Fi Connection. It’s really hassle to me not having a wireless router, due to the fact If I were in someplace that only offered a plug-in connection then it would be luckless with all these devices.

It is not the case with Virtual Router Manager; an indispensable windows application turns any Windows 7 and Windows 8 Computers in to a Wi-Fi Hotspot using a Wireless Hosted Network technology. Virtual Router Manager Application is easy to use, really simple setup and it works so well. Just need a Installation of virtual router application in your laptop to create a Wireless Hotspot secure connection and now it is ready- to- use.


Virtual Router Manager is networking software allows you to share internet connection (Wi-Fi, LAN Cable, Cable Modem, Remote Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with Laptops, Smart phones, iPod Touch, Android Phone, and other devices wirelessly. A virtual router is a Connectify Hotspot that creates a secured connection from WPA2 (the most secure wireless encryption.) which enables you to transform your PC into a real Wi-Fi hotspot. Using this application you don’t need a router to connect your wireless devices and your computer itself turns in to wireless access point acts like Wi-Fi router. Of course, the virtual router manager software for computers is entirely free of charge with no upgrading charges and your program completely runs with no ads.

Virtual Router Manager from Chris Pietschmann is written entirely in C# and the software has been licensed as Open Source to provide wireless router functionality on your Windows 7 OS and Windows Server 2008 using Wireless Hosted Network technology.


The Wi-Fi Hotspot Create/Share with Virtual Router uses WPA2 Encryption, and there is no way to turn off that encryption due to the feature Wireless Hosted Network API’s built into Windows 7 and 2008 R2 in order to safeguard the best security possible and it makes your Hotspot Wi-Fi network more secure.

How to turn your laptop into a makeshift hotspot computer is shared internet connection much like a wifi router home wired connection to the net goes in wireless internet broadcasts out over wifi, you can even choose who can connect with the password,

So here’s what you need a laptop that handles both a wired net connection like this one and also wifi you can do this virtual router manager software with windows XP,7,10 operating system. how to do it for each of these operating systems starting with the mac in Windows XP,7,8,10 since they’re the simplest.

Introducing virtual router manager, a new kind of systems designed keep up with how we use wifi today from checking emails to streaming  & video calling. Here’s how it works. You simply replace your existing router with a virtual router manager. If you have a larger home with your current modem and internet service to provide fast seamless wifi for your whole home just simply turning your computer in wifi hotspot.

virtual router

It gives you a host of features are simple straight forward access to your network no matter where you are. Like letting you see which devices are connected at any one time or giving you parental controls. So if it’s time for dinner for time for bed. You can give them a little time off. It lets you easily find and share your wifi password with guest and even allows you to prioritize a specific device the faster speed. So the importance that never gets interrupted. And networked assist technology works in the background to make sure you always get the fastest possible speeds.

It takes care of that like wifi channel selection. High traffic on the channel you’re using can slow down your wifi speed. Virtual Router Manager constantly monitors to make sure you’re on the least congested channel. And when you’re moving from room to room and make sure you’re connected to the closest wifi point and the strongest fastest signal. It will even let you know if you can improve wifi performance. By moving a wifi point to a better location.

One of the great software to be able to share your internet connection with a colleague or group of friends that same meeting and with your laptop or computer.


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Especially Virtual Router Manager application can be downloaded inexpensively or even for free. After downloading this freeware, a simple virtual router which installs quickly then asks to setup a password of 8 Minimum at least and creates a wireless hot spot. Now you are ready to share your network and this program shows the peers connected, IP addresses and host names. The interface of this application is also simple, there is a big start and stop buttons which makes it easy and quick to connect and disconnect in a just click.

Establishing a virtual wireless router extends the wireless Internet signals in homes or offices to a computer that’s just outside the coverage of your main wireless router. You can also use it for the purpose to create a multiple device Internet access from a single computer at a hotel or Wi-Fi hotspot and share it with other people or nearby friends. Additionally, you also have a mobile wireless router in case you want to share files with other people or devices, in the car, at a café, in a meeting, anywhere.


In a point of fact, virtual router manager is a open source program coded in a way that this cannot be altered without modifying the program, so you cannot offer a Wi-Fi hotspot without WPA2 encryption protocol. To create a new connection you just need to give a name for your network (or SSID) that you like and a minimum password key of 8 characters or greater for the encryption package.

A quick tutorial to Create a Virtual Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows computers :

  1. Just Connect to the Internet connection (wired or wireless).
  2. Install and Run Virtual Router Manager Software.
  3. Give a desired network name and minimum 8 character password at least.
  4. Under Shared Connection, choose the connection to which you’ve connected in the very first step.
  5. Then, Click on ‘Start Virtual Router’ Button.
  6. Now your Computer turns in to Wi-Fi enabled Windows machine.

Then you can start connecting will need your password to connect and surf.

Virtual Router Review:

Virtual Router Manager to be the best home hot spotting solution because unlike relying on the single connection from one router. As for the appearance the windows application is very clearly designed in a nice finish. They count just look like simple popup window to start hot spot for the internet to live in.

Virtual router manager completely manage through their app in the set up process is painfully simple, literally the most straightforward and user friendly wifi setup. Once the first one is powered on the app walks you through everything from the name to them connecting in a click just after giving a password and once you’re done here. You’re done they just work easily.

Check out the full review on virtual router here

Virtual Router Manager Service not running?

Watch the video tutorial on how to fix virtual router manager service not running

Its quite simple to fix and all you have to do is first close virtual router manager application and you then need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyword. So thereby just open up the task manager which we are all familiar with, and it opens up windows task manager on which you need to click on the services which appearing on the task manager. You have to locate at where it says “virtual router” and right click on that service (virtual router) then click start service. You get a pop-up after clicking the virtual router. If you click on it which opens the dialogue box with the message “access is denied” you have to head over the bottom and click on the services tab and in this box here you have to type “V” which will brought you to virtual router service and click start this service and it will return to virtual router manager. You no longer have a problem after doing this small fix and virtual router manager application start working in your windows.

How to improve Signal Strength

Router placement ensures how many in the home. A router typically broadcast signal on 360 degrees which makes the center of your home the best place to put it. Try to get rid of as many obstacles as you can, place a bookshelf or desk away from walls or furniture. In most cases a well placed router projecting 360 degrees should provide strong coverage in average size of home.  If you want a fine tune signal you can get it good range if you find a good placement to put in. To help increase the range where. If your router has external antennas make sure they’re pointing up seeing if the full range the entire house. In larger homes or when you want a strong signal outside in the garage or backyard the right router inattentive placement can make or break a signal.

Whole home WiFi is another way to get great quality signal strength everywhere. No words are placed throughout the house to give a better coverage all areas. With home wifi you get seamless coverage from room to room which benefits people who have larger houses and devices like security cameras or smart openers. If you wanna take the guesswork out of setting up your home wifi? Virtual Router Manager tutorials are ready to help.

How to turn your android device in to hot spot

Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot in use your mobile data to provide internet access to other devices you can connect devices to your smartphone using wifi or by using a USB cable. This is sometimes called tethering. To set up a mobile hotspot or 4g data or other device with mobile hotspot and or tethering capabilities. You also need a mobile share or a minimum 5 gigabyte data plan. With some devices you can set up a mobile hotspot. For example, with most android device. Just go to the home screen. Select settings. Go to network connection. Then tethering and wifi hotspots.

If these instructions don’t work the following steps may help.

To see if your device supports mobile hot spot or tethering go to ATT(DOT)COM/Device then simply select the device brand and model. In the search bar type hotspot or tethering and follow the guide to set up a mobile hotspot. If instructions are not provided you may want to check your device user manual to see if mobile hotspot is supported.

There’s no additional monthly fee to set up a mobile hot spot however using a mobile hotspot can affect your bill if you exceed your monthly data allowance. Each device you connect your mobile hotspot uses data from your qualified device data plan. You can check your daily usage on ethernet. Once you’re logged in look under data you use bits. Use the data calculator to estimate the amount of data you will need to support multiple devices. If your device does not support mobile hotspot another option is to use an mobile hotspot device and take it wherever you go. ATT has a number of hotspot devices available at ATTcom/slash-shop-slash-wireless-slash-devices-slash-internet devices. But mobile hot spot it’s easy to connect or tether your devices and share your internet on the go.

How to get started with virtual router.

This website covers wireless hotspot creation with just giving Network name and password .  Using virtual router windows program you get the fastest internet and most reliable in home wifi for all rooms all devices all the time. So you can do all the things we love online. Before you get set up remember that the best in home wifi coverage starts with the ideal placement of your wireless gateway. Make sure your wireless gateway is not hidden behind Bricker cement walls are under heavy furniture. Instead. Police in the area of your home where you’ll be using your internet the most. To connect you’ll need your in home wifi network name or SSID and password for your wireless gateway. Finding them is easy. They’re both located on the gateway itself. If you want to change the password for your wireless gateway simply visit your ISP gateway url and follow the onscreen instructions.

Virtual Router provides unmatched hotspot service. You can safely enjoy your internet. While using the virtual router program you dont get disturbed with annonying advertisements and spyware.  With virtual router you get good amount of download speeds and access to number of wifi devices in your circle and all this at no cost. So you can easily connect when you’re out and about while it saves on your mobile data plans. All these features and more in virtual router.

Virtual Router Download:

Virtual Router is a open-source application for windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 and 2008 R2) You can download the virtual router application in official website

Download the Latest version of package here:  Virtual Router

Virtual Router is a wireless access point to your windows 7 and Windows 8 Microsoft operating systems. It’s available for free in our website. We are one of the third party source for download but here you get virtual router software without any viruses and spyware free. We have added a download button on the sidebar and other one in homepage.

Its a quick install and it runs down here by a tray icon. Virtual router has a very simple user interface really only have to do 3 things. You give your networking name. You give it a password and you can either choose to hide or show your password checkbox feature. Then finally choose which internet connection you wanna share you can either not share your internet which case it’s just for for a local sharing.

One of the really neat things by virtual router is that it lets you share even another wifi connection. So it can be a client and join a wifi connections in a hotel and coffee shop at the same time i can have my computer on the same connection. Set up a hotspot that I can use with my other devices.

So why would you want this virtual router?

There are bunch reasons you might want this virtual router manager windows application.  First of all, Using virtual router software it lets you share internet connections with other devices such as iPhone, iPod touch another laptop and with  friends or co workers. Virtual Router makes you to  set up a couple laptops and play it wirelessly with no network at all. So over here you can use it connecting to several wifi devices using the virtual router client. Virtual Router is very useful and for a lot of people think can save you a lot of money on both you know wifi and time spent on networking and getting files back and forth all this virtual router can really simplify life live.

We love our devices but we can’t stand when they’re not connected, which is why we see quite by everywhere we go when airports and hotels charge you per device. Don’t you wish you could just pay once and get everything online. And what if you’re stuck somewhere with only a wired Ethernet connection. Have you ever wanted to share your connection from your 4G USB card or tether smartphone now do all that and more with virtual router manager hot spot. Hot spot allows your connected windows PC to easily shared internet connection with friends, co workers and all your mobile devices. so you can share files, play games and much more and this hotspot an even act as a repeater which boost the range of your wifi signal. See why millions of users have made us the world’s most popular wifi sharing software and get virtual router manager today.

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