How to fix some WiFi connectivity problems

Here to show you how to fix some wifi connectivity problems so you can browse the web through social media or watch your favorite shows without interruption. Now at some point, you may experience loss internet connection slow speeds or general interruptions in your wifi connection. Well! guess what? Many of these are problems that you can solve on your own pretty easily. First of all, let’s look at Wired Ethernet verses wifi.

With WiFi you get amazing convenience. WiFi speed isn’t always a fastest way to connect. It’s important to keep in mind each WiFi device has different wireless speed capabilities. Which means when you’re on WiFi some of your devices may be slower than others. Older devices may not connect as quickly as your newer more technologically advanced devices. And then of course, WiFi signals have to pass through any furniture walls and floors that maybe between the modem and your wireless device. So the size of your home and the building materials are definitely a factor too.

Best position your modem out in the open away from any obstructions. When positioning your modem horizontally make sure your antennas point outwards. If it works better in your space. You can always stand your modem up vertically. With one antenna pointing up. And the other out to the side. This makes it easier for the signal to go through multiple floors and most importantly gives you WiFi coverage in your home.

Sometimes signal interference caused by wireless devices and high power electronics can affect your WiFi.  There is an inter-relation with electronic power devices so always you place your modem away from micro-waves, baby monitors or cordless cell phones for fast internet speed. And if possible avoid using your wireless devices near these electronics as well. A wired connection always provides better performance and reliability than a WiFi connection. If your device has an Ethernet connection available and it’s near modem, it really is a great solution.

If you want to make your WiFi the best it can be try using your virtual router manager application. It will help reduce congestion so you can use more devices at once. And I’ll also give your WiFi range an extra boost so you can have coverage in all areas of your home. Even during those rush hour times, when everyone’s on their tablets smartphones and laptops. That’s it really hopefully now you’re better prepared to fix connectivity issues are self. And of course if you still can’t get that smooth connection you rely on. Make use of Virtual router manager application on your windows which turn your PC/Laptop in to wireless hot spot give access to lot of devices.

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