How to know how many devices are connected to your home wifi network

If I asked you how many devices are connected to your home wifi network could you tell me?

Most people couldn’t but the answer could have an impact on your internet performance. I want to help you answer the question how many devices are connected to your home wifi network. The day you first activated your wifi network in your house you probably connected your laptop or your smartphone to it. Unknowingly your wifi connects to more and more devices. Like as it connects to your brothers or sisters laptop other your dad’s smartphones your iPad or other tablet and maybe a wireless printer.

Even though smart home devices like security cameras are the ones that help you turn your lights on and off remotely maybe using your wifi connection. As you can see it may be difficult to assess just how many devices are using your home wifi network..

There is an easy solution to know about the connnected wireless devices. They are many popular apps available for android and IOS mobile in order to showup the wifi devices connected and running on the background. Many people uses a free app called “Fing“. You can download the fing app by visiting the offical website. If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet thing has a desktop version available as well for both mac and PC.

This apps report of how many devices are connected to your network you now have a couple of choices. If your wifi network is already performing up your expectations you may not need to do anything. But if you think you are having a wifi performance issues disconnecting older devices that you no longer use or that no longer need access to your wifi network may help.

You may also discovered that you don’t want to disconnect in the devices from your wifi network and that having your internet service provider assess your current internet package or even upgrade to a faster internet package is the best solution. The goal is to use the app to assist you in the decision process. This tactic has been brought to you by virtual router. For more information on how you can get high speed internet access in your home visit


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