The best thing about the virtual router manager application is it’s  built in network program which acts like modem to give access to connect more devices.

Turning your PC in to Wi-Fi Hot spot has many advantages; the main advantage of virtual router manager is that, it’s a lighter and smaller version and also a portable application. Using this portable application you can create a Wireless Hot spot in any location you want, Else you can change it and take your laptop to any place with adjusting positions.

The issue was is that when people took their laptops to coffee shops, airports or things like that to go on wifi it was hard you know you have to know how to bring up your connection manager you had to know it as society was.

Cellular operators bringing iPhones onto their networks they were bringing android devices on to their networks. And as a popularity of that grew those solar networks became really congested and  what the operators need to do is they need to offload some of that traffic. So we started looking at wifi technology as a way to offload and that was really the first time where carriers but wifi might be really a good thing for us.

Get rid from using a Wired Internet Connection and get in to Wireless Wi-Fi Connection. This actually means, if you are using your internet through a wired connection and your router is without Wi-Fi, Virtual Router Manager application changes your PC’s to Wi-Fi Router. Connect the Wireless router to your computer using Ethernet Cable then just install a ready setup of virtual router manager application. Now all your devices are started Wi-Fi running using Hotspot without a Wireless modem.

Another most important use of Virtual Router.  Using this application you can connect internet to number of devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, and Computers having a Wi-Fi feature) and access them from Wi-Fi Hotspot area.

Virtual Router Manager is created the world’s first home wifi system by Microsoft to set up WiFi enable devices that were conducive to deliver hyper fast super stable wifi to every square foot of your home.

On the top of that, it’s a ready-to-use open source software a Windows application available for free of cost.

Virtual Router Manager is most popular application of windows with over billions of downloads . VRM is simple application for windows with Easy Installation Process, VRM application is just a one click install process and the simplest virtual router and you can install it completely in less than a minute by following the installation steps. You can also look at the screenshots and videos of installation process available in our website, it’s very simple and its setup is simple as well. Virtual router manager application only ask you to create a password and create a wireless hotspot.

Many of us have multiple devices to connect internet but you have only one internet connection, then using virtual router manager you will connect to internet from multiple sources and combined them to form a really powerful internet connection. Usually you have many internet connections available at a time to get connected with them. For example, you have WiFi connection available, LAN available you also have USB modem but you can only use one of them at a time you cannot make a combination of Lam plus WiFi almost and plus WiFi both could not work together only one will work at a time. But with this unique application you can combine old connections available to make a one powerful internet connection. First you need to download and install virtual router manager.

Virtual Router Manager is a program designed for those who require a simple option, They are many other different applications available to turn your computer in to wireless hotspot but those are premium applications with complicated features and options, As i said, VRM is an easy software which provides a simple option. This program gives additional connectivity. The main interface of this application is trouble-free and easy-peasy.  Virtual Router Manager application provides information about the device in which you are connected and their names, assigned IP addresses, and MAC addresses and it also helps you to check the devices which  are connected.

Features of Virtual Router Manager Application:

– Virtual Router Manager application user interface is very simple with big start and stop buttons.
– This program is easy accessible and high in connectivity to any Wireless device.
– It Supports to any Internet enabled WiFi Capable devices.
– You can Ready-Connect to smartphones, laptops and tablets.
– Supports Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) Operating Systems

Virtual Router Manager Details:

File Size: 1.31MB
File Name: VirtualRouterInstaller.msi
How much price: Free
Operating Systems: Windows 7, 10
Category of application : Wireless Networking
VRM Released on: June 04, 2013
Updated here: 1st SEP, 2016