How to set up a wireless internet connection

How to set up a wireless internet connection.

The main devices you’ll need for this are paid on us broadband Router, A broadband connection and a computer. The next step is to plug the wireless broadband into one’s  connection. Which if you’re using ADSL will be like fine Jack connection. If you are sing cable will be a cable modem connection. Once you’ve connected the Internet to the router.

 The next step is to configure the Wireless Network. And to do that you need to access the Wireless router login page which is typically using Internet explorer or Firefox. Now it reaches of the same. You may find that IP address for your router is very different. Once you gained access to the wireless router then three things to setup.

So read the instructions.

Once you gained access to the wireless route to their 3 things that you need to set up the first is the SSID on the all the network name that you gonna be calling your network if your last name is Jones you could call him that what Jones. For example, people to come to your house will know which network to connect to.

The second is the security on the network and you can use a wet poor WPA password. Again the information screen on your router to should guide you through how to setup that network. Security.

And lastly. It’s best to change the security of fuel resa. Many people leave their login details for that we turn as the default. The last step is to disconnect your computer from the wireless reset. And to then search. For wireless networks. And the wireless network with the name with the SSID that you setup should now be viewable. Just a case of connecting to it using the password that you set up earlier.


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